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unemployment - 2 2007f Mar 2007

Unemployment has become a way of life for tens of millions of peoples all over the world. For some decades now, this phenomenon continues be one of the must serious problems of the World Economy.



ANDREAS PAVLIKKAS – Head of the Research and Studies Department of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour


I was born in Nicosia on 2.10.1954. I am married with one child.

I graduated the Pancyprian Gymnasium of Neapolis-Nicosia (1967-1972) and studied Economics and Planning in Moscow (1974-1980).

In 1980 I took up employment with the Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO-Cyprus) as Economic Analyst. From 1982-1990 I served as member of the Research and Studies Department of the Federation and as from 1991 I was appointed as Head of this Department.

The Research and Studies Department carries out researches and studies on various issues concerning the situation of the Cyprus Economy and its main indicators, the salaries and benefits of the employed persons, the income tax system, the cost of Living Allowance, the Social Insurance etc. The Office is also occupied with issues relating to the European Union, the World Economy, having always as source of its information the publications of the European Union, as well as the publications of the Organisation of the Economic Co-operation and Development (O.E.C.D.), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank.

I am one of the basic lecturers of the Central Educational Department of PEO and I assist in the materialisation of its annual plan of action.

I regularly participate as lecturer at the Pancyprian School for the salaried staff of the Federation. During these lectures the knowledge of the staff is evaluated (either orally or in writing).

n 1987 on my own initiative an Information Centre on issues relating the European Union and Cyprus has been established. In this Centre every scientific reasearcher can find a wealth of information or researches and studies or articles which he may wish to write.

The Information Centre has been formed in such a way so that all the components, studies, articles, writings, books and publications relating to the European Union and Cyprus to be classified and arranged by thematic material and categories so that the searchers can easily find the material they are interested for.

ore specifically in this Information Centre there are publications and other material of the European Union relating to unemployment, employment, social policy, industrial relations, income tax, environment, instruments of the European Union etc. Furthermore in the Centre one can find almost all the publications of the Cyprus Department of Statistics and Research, of the Planning Bureau, of the Department of Social Insurance and other publication relating to the Industry, Tourism, Employment, the Social Indicators, the general indicators of the Economy etc.

I am a member of the Executive Council of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO), member of the General Council of this Federation,  member of the Economic Consultative Committee, member of the Consumers’ Consultative Committee, member of the Statistics Council and member of the Editorial Committee of the newspaper «Ergatiko Vima» issued and disseminated by the Federation (PEO). For a short period I was carrying out duties of a reporter attending the proceedings  of the House of Parliament and writing on the newspaper’s column «Reportage from the House of Parliament».

For many years I served as member of the Arbitration Tribunal and member of the Consultative Prices Committee .

I am a regular contributor of the daily local newspapers «Charavgi» and «Simerini». I have also published in other local newspapers many articles and studies.

I am the author of the «Statistical Data and Figures» f the first and second publication of the book «Cyprus-European Union-Accession Process» (publications of 2002 and 2004) author of the brochures

 «VAT-22-Questions and Answers», «Income Tax Reform 2002» «Guide for consumer’s protection»   and dozens of informative leaflets. All these documents have been published by the Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO).