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unemployment - 2 2007f Mar 2007

Unemployment has become a way of life for tens of millions of peoples all over the world. For some decades now, this phenomenon continues be one of the must serious problems of the World Economy.



Following the publication of the album “A prosperous participation in the wave beaten island of Cyprus” which contains approximately 500 photographs from Cyprus - both from the free and the occupied parts - you have now in front of you a new album containing another 500 photographs taken by me while travelling in various countries of the world.

Each town, village and region of the world has its own individual characteristics. This is why I believe that arguing that this capital is the most beautiful in the world or this village is the most picturesque or this area is the most wondrous one, is highly subjective…

Through the lens of the camera I have tried to capture these special characteristics, pertaining to the architecture, culture, environment and the people of each area. I have tried to capture moments of the people’s everyday lives: people walking, working, shopping, dancing, fishing, talking, falling in love, playing and enjoying life but also children begging to live.

All of these special characteristics of each country you see as a visitor have something to give, as long as you look for and immortalise them with the camera. It can be a beautiful park in Brussels, a waterfall in Tyrol or Edessa, a castle in Antwerp, a saleswoman in Minsk’s central market, a May Day event in the same town, an exquisite beach in Cuba’s Cavo Blanco, the glass dance in Limassol, a passage in Sina, a protest in Cologne, the alligators in Florida’s Everglades, the picturesque port of Heraklion, the throwing of the crocks in Corfu and the special colours of the alpine villages of Switzerland.

Through the pages of this new album, we travel the world together…«a picture is worth a thousand words» - a saying by which the famous photographers of National Geographic have lived by.

Andreas Pavlikkas

Preface from a friend

My dear friend Andreas Pavlikkas once again gives all of us who love photography a new album of his work.
This effort follows the first one which circulated under the title «Μέθεξη στην εναλία γη», containing pictures both from the free and the occupied parts of our island.
This new endeavour includes pictures from all over the world which were taken by Andreas in places he travelled both recently and in the past.
Looking at the pictures we can almost see Andreas harvesting the beauty of the items he so sensitively photographs, playing with the colours, underlining lights and shadows and giving life even when people are not there. It is an effort by “amateur” Andreas, an effort that is characterised by the professionalism of his soul and heart. His goal is to touch the most sensitive chords of human nature that play with aestheticism and the “scent” of the pictures, along with any overtones they may carry.
We would like to believe that this new issue will be successful because it is simply worth it, just like his first effort.
Dimitris Constantinou