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unemployment - 2 2007f Mar 2007

Unemployment has become a way of life for tens of millions of peoples all over the world. For some decades now, this phenomenon continues be one of the must serious problems of the World Economy.

         A prosperious participation in the wave - beaten island of Cyprus





You have in front of you a book full of photographs, an album, presenting the beauties of Cyprus both in the free and occupied areas.

The 500 photos were taken after arduous efforts for many years now. It was difficult for me to select these pictures out of over 10000   taken by loitering the two sides of Cyprus, even in most cases at inaccessible and rough areas.

The idea to publish this book originated when many of my friends and collaborators who had the opportunity to see the photos, hanging on the walls of my office. There was positive attitude  and general admiration towards my work. Everybody was asking me to explain to them the landscapes or the scenery along rivers etc.

In view of this real interest of my friends, I decided to share all these photos   in order to give the opportunity to others to discover the beautiful  nature of Cyprus. It is true that in the framework of our daily routine, we pass on or even we did not travel or see the attractive scenery of our country.

The Turkish journalist Sevgul Ouloudag has said that « …Nature is full of energy, but we do not spare little of our time to stand and look around us....». We do not see the beautiful sky over our heads, we can not see that nature is the most famous artist who every day paints for us multi-coloured flowers, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Every season has its  own beauties and its own colours. For this reason through this photo-album you will be able to enjoy photographs of   the same place   in different seasons, but equally attractive and impressive.

The occupied by the Turkish troops part of my country has also its own paradise of beauty – with its endless sandy beaches, wild flowers and vegetation, the castles and churches (of course those which have escaped the atrocity of the Turkish invador).

From the day the roadblocks were removed I have been around inch by inch the whole part of the Turkish occupied territory of Cyprus immortalizing godforsaken places, beautiful and beloved areas all of which belong to all of us, to every Cypriot.

For me photography is a way to live pleasant or unpleasant experiences of life. You record what is visible and at the same time, after you develop the film, you discover the invisible, which might escape   a glimpse, but not the camera lenses.

The famous photographer of he National Geographic Wendi Mae Merdoek, used to say that «....  photography is the art in which somebody else could paint, i.e. the machine, what you have in your mind. When you process a photograph in the electronic computer, you wipe out a bit, you illuminate better another bit, you add or delete elements. This is the painting of all these who have the talent to see. All the pictures are the fruit of imagination, irresistibly subjective....».

Therefore, enjoy the pictures of this album, discover the nature and  get to know Cyprus.

 In a nutshell, a photograph worths 1000 words!



The decision of my friend Andreas Pavlikas to depict in a book a long – lasting effort, the outcome of which was the thousands of photographs, the majority of which were taken in Cyprus, has filled me with great joy.

Apart from that during our discussion, sometimes i was pressing him to present his work through an exhibition.

His decision to publish the best part of his photographic material in hand consists of photographs of the highest quality.

Acting with his felling, heart and mind, every time Andreas takes a snap addresses an hymn to his place of birth, his fatherland, Cyprus.

This process was always the same even when he was using the cheapest of cameras in hand.

With a skilful eye, able to distinguish something more than the other people having in their hands a camera, perhaps an expensive one, he gives, through the imagination of his soul, not only the image depicted but also a part of his many sensibilities which i believe constitute the mechanism that activates his talent.

Through this approach it would be a mistake not to take note of the absence of arrogance, an element that always gives a short- lived profit or to forget the modesty of the effort which characterizes the work of Andreas.

I extend to my friend Andreas my warm congratulations and I hope all those who love our country will fling an interesting look to this publication.

This publication comes as a supplement to Andreas’ publication which, as it is well known, embarks upon issues on the relations of the European Union and Cyprus, a publication work which has received very positive and constructive criticism.